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YESS Meghalaya empowering youths of state: Conrad

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GUWAHATI, July 3: The government of Meghalaya, under the leadership of chief minister Conrad K Sangma celebrated the remarkable progress made in empowering the youth through the YESS Meghalaya programme and the formulation of the Sports Policy.

These initiatives have opened new avenues for youth engagement and empowerment, fostering a platform for the youth of Meghalaya to grow into upstanding citizens and future leaders of the state. Meghalaya is blessed with a vibrant youth population, with over 30% of our residents falling between the ages of 15-35, higher than the national average, positioning the state as a source for future leaders.

Recognising this immense potential, the government’s commitment to youth engagement and empowerment led to the formulation of the sports policy, signaling a new chapter in youth development. The release of schemes, initiatives, and facilities has furthered the vision of the policy, propelling Meghalaya’s youth towards success, a PR stated.

The anniversary celebration was also attended by Shakliar Warjri, minister sports &youth affairs, Dr Vijay Kumar D IAS, commissioner & secretary, sports & youth affairs department among others. Isawanda Laloo, IAS, director of sports & youth affairs, besides the YESS beneficiaries.

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Sangma stated, “I am immensely proud to witness the remarkable progress made in empowering the youth of Meghalaya through initiatives like YESS Meghalaya and the implementation of the sports policy. Our state’s vibrant youth population is a source of immense potential, and it is our duty to provide them with the necessary platforms and opportunities to thrive. The success of YESS Meghalaya, with over 1300 youth organisations supported and Rs. 4.3 Crore disbursed, is a testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of our youth. I am thrilled to announce the new elements introduced in the programme, including additional funding mechanisms and the opportunity for youth to represent their districts, Meghalaya, or even India in competitive events. This is a call to our youth to pursue their dreams and bring pride to our state. As youth leaders, you have the power to shape the present and future of Meghalaya. I urge you to nurture your leadership skills and inspire others to take on leadership roles. The My Hero Campaign under the YESS Meghalaya scheme will provide many of you with the opportunity to do just that. Together, let us continue to create an inclusive, progressive, and prosperous Meghalaya, where the youth can be architects of change, the beacons of hope, inspiration, and change.”

Shakliar Warjri stated, “I am delighted to witness the incredible progress achieved in empowering the youth of Meghalaya through initiatives such as YESS Meghalaya and the formulation of the sports policy. The government of Meghalaya is committed to nurturing our youth and providing them with the necessary support and opportunities to excel. Today, we celebrate the achievements of our youth, who have showcased their talent, creativity, and dedication. As youth organisations, you have demonstrated your potential to create meaningful impact. You have shown that you possess the creativity, passion, and drive to address pressing issues and find sustainable solutions for Meghalaya. The My Hero Campaign under the YESS Meghalaya Scheme will help the youth embrace this opportunity and continue to be the disruptors, driving progress in various domains such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and social justice. The future of our state depends on your unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to doing good work.”

Dr Vijay Kumar D stated, “We are delighted to witness the tremendous enthusiasm and active participation of young people from the Khasi and Garo Hills in various community development initiatives. It is heartening to see the tradition of young individuals coming together and taking proactive steps for the betterment of their communities. The sports and youth affairs department has been actively involved in supporting these efforts through schemes such as The Chief Minister’s Youth Development Program (CMYDS). Additionally, the chief minister’s office has implemented several schemes to channelize the energies of our youth in the right direction. In line with these efforts, we launched the YESS Meghalaya program, which is a universal program open to all youth organizations that meet the specified guidelines. We have established an easy online system for applications, and in just one year, we received more than 1400 applicants, which is truly remarkable. Firstly, besides youth organisations, we will extend support to individuals who aspire to participate in national and international competitions across various disciplines, not just limited to sports. Secondly, we are launching the My Hero Campaign, where champions in sports, music, entrepreneurship, and environmental conservation will be selected through a voting and selection mechanism every quarter.”

As a beneficiary of the YESS Meghalaya programme Wanda Kharbani, spokesperson of Pay for Right Youth and Cultural Club, stated, “Pay for Right Youth and Cultural Club wholeheartedly acknowledges the positive impact of the YESS Meghalaya initiative on developing grassroots football in our state. As a spokesperson for our club, I am thrilled to witness the reduction of financial burdens on sports players, thanks to the support provided by YESS Meghalaya. This initiative has been a game-changer, particularly for our female footballers, who now have a dedicated platform to showcase their talents and pursue their dreams. The online process introduced by YESS Meghalaya has streamlined the application and selection process, making it more accessible and convenient for aspiring players. We extend our sincere gratitude to the chief minister for spearheading this initiative and recognising the importance of nurturing young footballers. Through YESS Meghalaya, we believe that the future of football in our state is brighter than ever. Together, let us continue to support and invest in our youth, ensuring that Meghalaya remains a breeding ground for footballing excellence.”

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On this joyous anniversary occasion, the government of Meghalaya announced that 38 deserving groups have been awarded cheques totaling Rs 9.8 lakh. This significant financial support is a testament to the state government’s commitment to empowering and uplifting the youth of Meghalaya. These funds will enable these groups to further their initiatives and projects that contribute to the development and progress of the state.

The vote of thanks was presented by Isawanda Laloo, IAS, director of sports & youth affairs, government of Meghalaya. She highlighted that the government of Meghalaya entrusts the youth and youth organisations of Meghalaya with the responsibility of taking these initiatives forward. The programme highlights the importance of the government’s continued dedication to service and community development. The YESS Meghalaya portal will be updated to include the new elements in the coming days.


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