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Karbi Anglong | Massive Drug Seizure Worth Over Rs. 48 Crores Destroyed on International Day against Drug Abuse

Karbi Anglong police destroy seized narcotics worth Rs. 48 crores on International Day against Drug Abuse.

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Karbi Anglong, June 26: In a significant operation on Monday, the Karbi Anglong police took a bold stance against drug abuse and illicit trafficking by destroying a massive quantity of seized narcotics.

Coinciding with the observance of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, law enforcement officials burned down various illicit substances, including heroin, ganja, opium, and more, with a total market value estimated at a staggering Rs. 48,40,05,900.

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“On the occasion of international anti-drugs Day, under the initiative of Assam government, we have confiscated illegal drugs like Heroine, Ganja, Opium amounting to almost 48 crore rupees,” said Sanjib Kumar Saikia, SP Karbi Anglong.

The destruction of these illegal substances took place at Brick Bhatta, located on the 7th Mile of the Diphu-Manja Road in Karbi Anglong District. The operation signifies a significant blow to the drug trade, aiming to curb the menace of drug abuse and illicit trafficking that has plagued the region.

The seized narcotics that were incinerated during the operation included:

1. Heroin: A total of 11.262 kilograms of heroin were destroyed, demonstrating a severe blow to the distribution networks that perpetuate the abuse of this highly addictive drug.

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2. Ganja: The destruction included a staggering 1718.784 kilograms of ganja, addressing the illicit cultivation and trade of cannabis in the region.

3. Opium: 66.568 kilograms of opium, a dangerous substance derived from the poppy plant, were eliminated, reducing the availability of this illicit drug.

4. Crystal Syabu (Methamphetamine): Approximately 5.238 kilograms of crystal meth, commonly known as “Syabu,” were burned. This highly addictive stimulant poses a significant threat to public health and well-being.

5. Morphine: The operation also saw the destruction of 0.949 kilograms of morphine, a potent painkiller often misused for recreational purposes.

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6. Cough Syrup: Alongside the illegal substances, 358 bottles of cough syrup, which are often misused as a recreational drug, were disposed of during the operation.

7. Tablets: The seized tablets amounted to a staggering 85,068 in number, underscoring the extensive effort to combat the distribution of illicit pharmaceuticals.

In a parallel development, the nearby town of Bokajan witnessed the seizure and subsequent destruction of illegal drugs as well. The confiscated narcotics included:

1. Heroin: A total of 585.99 grams of heroin were seized in Bokajan, contributing to the overall effort to eradicate the distribution networks of this dangerous drug.

2. Ganja: The operation also targeted 15.142 kilograms of ganja, addressing the cultivation and trade of cannabis in Bokajan.

These combined operations by the Karbi Anglong police reflect their unwavering commitment to creating a drug-free society and safeguarding the well-being of the local community. The destruction of these narcotics highlights the immense financial and societal impact of the illegal drug trade, estimated to be worth over Rs. 48 crores.

Karbi Anglong | Massive Drug Seizure Worth Over Rs. 48 Crores Destroyed on International Day against Drug Abuse

Law enforcement agencies, through their relentless efforts, continue to crack down on drug cartels and dismantle their networks in Karbi Anglong District. By organizing this destruction of seized narcotics on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the police aim to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse while sending a strong message to those involved in the illicit drug trade.

This operation serves as a stern warning to drug traffickers that their activities will not go unchecked. The Karbi Anglong police, along with the support of the local community, vow to remain vigilant in their pursuit of a drug-free society and the protection of future generations.

The destruction of these seized narcotics marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, underlining the collective determination to create a safer and healthier society for all.

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