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Assam Police Arrest Two Dacoits with Country-Made Gun in Pengeri

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June 18, Tuesday: In a significant breakthrough, Assam Police apprehended two suspected dacoits in Pengeri on Monday night, seizing a country-made gun from their possession. The arrests come in the wake of a recent spate of robberies and dacoity in the region, which have left the local community on edge.

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The suspects, identified as Ranjan Baruah, 35, and Bitupan Dahotiya, 29, both residents of Raidang Pathar village in Tekeri, are believed to be involved in multiple incidents of robbery. Their capture follows a particularly brazen incident on June 12, when dacoits looted Rs 1.70 lakhs from three individuals who were transporting cash to purchase buffaloes. The robbers, armed with handmade guns and sharp weapons, intimidated the victims, seizing their valuables and crucial documents.

Pengeri Police acted swiftly, leading to the successful apprehension of Baruah and Dahotiya. In addition to the country-made gun, the police recovered Rs 39,000 in cash and a khukri, a type of traditional knife. These items were discovered while Dahotiya was attempting to conceal them in the Buridihing Reserve Forest area, highlighting the suspects’ efforts to evade law enforcement.

This operation is part of a broader effort by Assam Police to crack down on crime in the region. The arrest of these two individuals is seen as a significant step toward restoring safety and order in Pengeri and its surrounding areas. The police continue to investigate to determine if more individuals are involved in the criminal activities of Baruah and Dahotiya.

In a related development, Assam’s law enforcement recently dealt with another crime in the state’s forested areas. Two suspected wildlife poachers were apprehended during an operation in the Lumding Reserve Forest. The suspects, identified as Santosh Gowala and Raghab Gaur from the Murabasti locality, were caught with handmade guns while allegedly preparing to hunt wild animals in the Lalpahar area of the reserve.

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Forest guards, conducting a routine patrol, discovered Gowala and Gaur lying in wait for their prey. The quick response and vigilance of the forest officials prevented a potential wildlife crime. The authorities have registered a case under the Wildlife Protection Act and have launched an investigation to uncover the full extent of the poaching network. There is a growing concern that more individuals might be involved in this illegal activity, prompting a thorough inquiry by the forest department.

These incidents highlight the diverse challenges faced by law enforcement in Assam, ranging from armed dacoity to wildlife poaching. The effective action taken by the police and forest guards underscores the commitment of the authorities to safeguarding both human and animal life in the state.

Local communities have expressed relief at the recent arrests, hoping that these measures will deter future criminal activities. Residents of Pengeri and surrounding areas have been particularly anxious following the June 12 dacoity, and the capture of Baruah and Dahotiya has provided some reassurance. Similarly, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts have praised the forest department for its proactive stance against poaching.

The Assam Police and forest department continue to work closely, sharing intelligence and coordinating operations to tackle such issues of importance. The collaborative efforts between different branches of law enforcement are crucial in addressing the multifaceted nature of crime in the region.

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As investigations proceed, the authorities remain vigilant, ready to take swift action against any further threats. The recent successes serve as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the need for ongoing support for law enforcement agencies. The collective effort to combat crime and protect the state’s natural heritage is a priority, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for all residents of Assam.

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