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India- On the way to become “VISHWA-GURU”

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By: Lalit Garg

Due to the strong and impressive leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the voice of India is being heard effectively in the world today.  In the second successful, influential and effective tenure of the Modi government, India’s voice is now being heard more on the global stage, whether it is the G20 or Climate Conference or other milestones like India’s economic policies or development plans, the successful struggle against the Corona epidemic. The rich culture of India like Yoga Day, Ahimsa Day and Namaste is adopted by the world whole heartedly.  Strong ties are being established between India’s domestic and foreign policy.

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Two days ago, when the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany met, they greeted each other with folded hands and said hello. The same is done by Trump and the Prime Minister of Israel. Even if the great powers of the world do yoga, they also advocate accepting the non-violence of India. Each and every Indian feel proud and hopeful after seeing this scene. But on the other hand it is beyond comprehension why Pakistan is constantly being cut off not only from the people of its own country but also from its Islamic friend-countries.

On the issue of removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan requested help from almost all the countries of the world, but no one gave a response except one or two countries that supported Pakistan. The US refused to intervene, calling it a bilateral issue. There has been an attempt by Pakistan to raise this issue in the United Nations as well, but it had to face it there too. The era was over when the International Islamic Organization used to back Pakistan on Kashmir. For years he continued to pass anti-India resolutions. Last year, when the Government of India removed Section 370, only two countries supported Pakistan; Turkey and Malaysia.

Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Bangladesh and Afghanistan declared it an internal case of India. Despite Pakistan’s insistence, Saudi Arabia did not call an Islamic organization meeting on Kashmir. Every country wants peace, harmony and economic development. All countries are so impressed by Modi’s nature and thoughts that they too want to take their country only towards progress. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya on 5 August 2020, he received the highest praise and publicity worldwide, as far as the media was widely acclaimed in the Pakistani media.

The powerful Muslim countries have advised Pakistan to exercise restraint in making rhetoric against India; it only exposes the increasing domination of India. When Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adil Al Zubair and United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Al Nahyan came to Islamabad with messages from his leadership and some other powerful countries.

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He asked Pakistan to try to negotiate with India and exercise restraint in making statements. Such situations are telling how much influence and gravity of India has increased in the world and almost control has been established over India’s neglect conditions. The invitation to attend the G-7 summit clearly reflects India’s growing strength. The G-7 is the world’s seven largest conglomerate of developed and advanced economies, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States. It is also called the Group of Seven.

It is well known that now no power of the world can take Kashmir from India on the strength of the pole, India has reached this strong and strong position only because of Modi.

If Pakistan takes the path of dialogue and does not resort to invasion and terrorism, then surely the issue of Kashmir can be solved. But there is also a big truth that the issue of Kashmir is the key to power in Pakistan. Pakistan has been militarized on this issue. That is why instead of spending money on the development of the country; the government is spending money on weapons. His terrorists commit more suicides in Pakistan than in India. Pakistan was formed by being part of India, how long will it continue to spread the bag ahead of other countries? When will it sustain its existence?

The domination and influence of India is not increasing due to Narendra Modi’s policies, politics, economic and peaceful coexistence ideology, but it is the first time that a government promotes yoga, Ayurveda, food, literature, tradition, knowledge and experience. Looking forward to give, this life value and lifestyle was useful for life thousands of years ago. The Modi government is determined to prove them useful to the world humanity instead of becoming a museum thing, due to which the world attaches importance to India by looking at it with hopeful eyes.

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Indian civilization and culture, biography is eternal, trivial and universal. It has been in contact with the entire existence and greater consciousness. India has been a source of knowledge for world civilization since the beginning. Today, Modi himself and his government are bringing this unbelievable treasure alive with modern references and highlighting its power. This power has played a meaningful role in saving the people of India from the attack of Corona pandemic.

Be it Coronas catastrophic, or even in the midst of these complex situations, we have seen that the confidence with which Narendra Modi fought these crises was more surprising that he did not let the country’s morale fall. There has been frequent indication from them that we have fought the corona more effectively and efficiently than other developed countries and have kept its outbreak. This made it seem like again and again that we deserve to lead the world. We feel that the lamp of hope has started burning in the midst of despair, this is an auspicious sign.

Definitely announced Modi’s massive package of self-reliant India equal to 10 percent of GDP, which has been praised internationally. This will lead to a new economic civilization and a new life culture in India. This will not only bring hope to the common man, but also new industrial environment, new economy, new business, new political values, new ideas, new human relationships, new social organizations, new customs and new life winds of self-reliant India.

A saga will be written in which the national character will be created, the nation will be empowered, India will be present not only in the inner environment but in the eyes of the world with an independent personality and identity. Due to Modi’s far-reaching policies, the psychological impulses are giving a befitting reply to China’s antics and Pakistan’s antics. China would never have imagined that its economy and market dependent on India would be destroyed in this way. The height of any nation is not measured by the height of its buildings, but by the character and courage of the national leader. They are measured by the way they work. In this sense, Narendra Modi has emerged as an effective world leader, and has become the reason for India’s new credit and dominance in the world.

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